Linking you up …

Happy New Year to everyone … Here are three things of interest I caught around the Web:

1) Early barrage: When Bill Belichick said earlier this week that the Patriots were worried about the prospect of falling behind quickly, he had good reason to feel that way. ESPN’s Adam Schefter has the numbers in his weekly 10 Spot column: During the first half the last three weeks, Matt Schaub has completed 75 percent of his passes for 772 yards, four touchdowns, no picks and 132.2 quarterback rating. Pretty good. Schefter’s also got his five dream playofff matchups … Jets-Pats is second, Pats-Colts is fourth.

2) Questions to ask: Peter King advocates resting Ty Warren and Vince Wilfork tomorrow (I agree there). As for the rest of them, he writes: “The Patriots have never subscribed to the full-rest thing for starters, so I’d look for Tom Brady, as beat-up as he is, to play at least a few series Sunday at Houston. He might play into the second half. I know he wants to.”

3) Love Ya Blue (That’s Navy Blue): The Houston Chronicle’s outstanding NFL man, John McClain is saying the Texans need an effort like the 1979 Oilers drummed up behind Bum Phillips to defeat the Air Coryell Chargers. I can’t add much there. That game took place a month before I was born.


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