Randy Moss is like LT?!?

Bill Belichick said that it was so today — Lawrence Taylor and Randy Moss, despite playing vastly different positions with different mindsets on different sides of the ball, have some distinct similarities between them.

And it’s not just their freakish athleticism.

It’s the way the two see the game. The coach explained that Taylor could, and Moss can diagnose what the opposition was doing to stop them quickly. Which helps the guy with the headset immensely.

“Right, (in the) coverages Randy sees relative to the protections Lawrence saw,” Belichick said. “But then again, a lot of that’s not something you can always plan for. You go into the game, and talk to Taylor, ‘This is the way they block it.’ He’d come off after the first series and say, ‘Coach, what we said they’re gonna do? They’re not doing it. Here’s what they’re doing – This guy’s looking at me and that guy’s looking at me.’

“And Randy can do that too, saying, ‘This guy’s watching me from over there. It looks like he’s got that, but really they’re trying to disguise it. He’s looking at me.’ … Those guys that have experience, that have seen all that, they know when they’re getting something and it might not be something you prepared for.”

That probably goes a long way to explain why some guys have that kind of ability and develop into stars and others don’t — Taylor and Moss have a feel for the game that augments their physical prowess, and makes for a heck of a lot of production.


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