Browns poach Pats nose tackle


Just a clean-up note from last night, when I was away from the computer for a little bit … The Browns announced that they’ve been awarded nose tackle Titus Adams — released on Thursday by the Patriots — off of waivers.

It’s not the first time New England has been poached by Cleveland coach and former Patriot assistant Eric Mangini this season, but this time is a little different for a couple reasons. First, new Cleveland president Mike Holmgren is in place, and it’s fair to say that he had a say in this move, meaning it could be with an eye toward having Adams (whom Mangini drafted in New York) as part of the offseason program. Second, it’s coming with one game left in the season for the improving 4-11 Browns, and doesn’t coincide with an injury on the Cleveland roster, lending further credence to the prior thought.

Or maybe it’s less complicated than that.

Either way, the Patriots’ attempt to get Adams through waivers failed. It did allow the club to elevate Ryan Wendell, and perhaps get him reps tomorrow. But it could give them depth issues going into the postseason.

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