Patriots ‘gotta have amensia’

Pretty somber scene in the Patriots locker room after the game, as you might imagine.

But those guys will have to get past this one pretty quick. Players are off tomorrow, and the rest of the week’s schedule will be determined on how the playoff mess plays out from here.

Still, that Wild Card playoff is gonna get here pretty quick. The guys who’ve been around know that.

“Regular season’s over now, gotta have an amnesia, man,” eighth-year defensive end Jarvis Green said. “We’ve been through this before. What we got next week, that’s what we’ve got.”

And that, really, is it for now. There’s a pretty decent chane that the Patriots still wind up with the third seed, and even if they don’t, not all that much has changed. Or, at least, it better not have, from a confidence standpoint, or this team won’t be lasting past next weekend.

“That’s what we get paid to do. Forget about the past,” guard Stephen Neal said, echoing Green. “We win, we forget about it. We lose, we forget about it, and get ready for our next opponent. We don’t know who that is, but we’ll know tonight.”

The Patriots had seemingly recaptured momentum last week, when they thumped Jacksonville in perhaps their most thorough victory of the year. Now, they’ll head into the playoffs following yet another road loss, their sixth this season.
“We’re still a very confident team,” safety James Sanders said. “We have an opportunity this week in the playoffs. Hopefully we’ll be playing our best ball. We’ll grind this whole week and just prepare ourselves as much as possible.
“It was a little frustrating. Any time you can’t hold on to the lead and you give up 21 points in the fourth quarter, it’s frustrating. We’ve got to put this one behind us and try to build on the positives that we had in this game and just get ready for playoffs.”

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