Revis gives Andre Johnson high marks

Andre Johnson.jpg
Earlier this week, when talking to Darrelle Revis for my Sunday Notes lead on his relationship with Ty Law, I thought it’d be interesting to pick his brain on the toughest receivers he’s had to cover during this spectacular season he’s having.

Remember, this guy’s gone head-to-head with Reggie Wayne, Roddy White, Randy Moss and Andre Johnson in 2009. And none of them, in Revis’ opinion, presented him with the highest degree of difficulty.

“Steve Smith, he’s the toughest,” Revis said. “He’s explosive, he’s a playmaker. Fast, strong, pushes off. He’s so aggressive, like a tiger out there on the field. I love the way he plays. He’s a good guy who loves the game, he’s very competitive, he plays hard, and he wants to be the best. I know they had a tough year down there, but it’s not because of him.”

Revis quickly paused then, and added … “You can’t forget the guy down in Houston.” Revis held Andre Johnson to four catches and 34 yards in the opener, and the Texans star hasn’t been kept to less than 60 yards since. Revis thinks that performance set the tone for his big year.

“I just pulled it off by doing my job,” Revis said. “He’s a big receiver, very aggressive at the line, explosive and fast. But it really was just me doing my job. It set a big tone for me, and gave me the confidence to take up the challenge. You see these receivers every week, it’s been tough.”

And so it will be interesting to see how the Patriots approach Johnson this week.


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