If you’re into this kind of thing …

Vegas isn’t so high on the Patriots’ chances.

Thanks to Eric Wilbur for alerting me to this: New England is seventh in the pecking order, according to the wise guys who tend to know things we don’t. Here’s the rundown, for entertainment purposes only:

Indianapolis 8-5
San Diego 5-2
New Orleans 5-2
Dallas 5-1
Minnesota 5-1
Arizona 10-1
Green Bay 12-1

New England 12-1

Baltimore 15-1
Philadelphia 15-1
Cincinnati 20-1
New York Jets 25-1

Insulting? Well, maybe not. The Patriots are right where they’re seeded among AFC teams — third. New Orleans, Dallas and Minnesota are all considered better bets for Super Sunday (as are the Chargers and Colts) but that may be a product of what seems to be a more balanced NFL field.

So you if you want toss down $100 to make $1,200 (or, say, $10,000 to make $120,000), and bet on the the home team, have at it. Or, that is, have at it as long as you live in Nevada or somewhere overseas.


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