Ravens CB makes it official: Pats can be had

The dejected guy on the right there making his way off the Gillette Stadium turf in October? That’s Domonique Foxworth.

And he’s got a message to deliver: The Patriots can be beaten in January. OK, so the Texans did it on Sunday. But Foxworth means the postseason.

Foxworth was part of a Broncos team that became the first to beat the Patriots in the playoffs during the Belichick-Brady Era. So he doesn’t see why these Ravens can’t be the first to knock these Glory Days Patriots from the tournament on their home field.

“I would like to officially say it is possible on occasion to beat the
New England Patriots in the postseason,” Foxworth told the Baltimore Sun’s Jamison Hensley. “We hope to
possibly, maybe step on the field with them and put up a fight, if

OK, so the affable Foxworth was playing funny man. But he’ll be vital on Sunday for a team that has two pretty important corners (Lardarius Webb, Fabian Washington) on IR, and is playing with guys like Chris Carr and Frank Walker at the position.

In a more serious tone, the Sun’s Mike Preston is putting this one at Joe Flacco’s feet. Preston said that when the Raiders took away Derrick Mason with shutdown man Nnamdi Asomugha, the quarterback was erratic and even “looked lost” at times. But Flacco, like the rest of these Ravens, remains cocksure.

“You know we were up there earlier this year, and we feel like we
should have gotten one,” Flacco said about the loss to New England
Oct. 4. “It’s our chance to go up there and try to get it back and
prove to everybody and prove to ourselves that we can beat these guys.
New England is where it starts.”

All right, Patriots coach Bill Belichick will meet with the press at 10:45 a.m., and will be in the locker room in the afternoon, so keep it here today and all playoff week. And we’ll keep it coming. For more coverage from the other side, hit it here for the Sun’s coverage and here for the work of Carroll County Times football man Aaron Wilson.


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