What the other team saw in Edelman

Can Julian Edelman replace Wes Welker?

That’s simple: no.  But he can be part of an effort to do it. I’ll have more on this in the Tale of the Tape a little later on. And Monique Walker wrote a story about Edelman’s desire to make it happen this week for this morning’s paper.

For now, here’s what a couple of the Texans had to say on Sunday, after Edelman hauled in 10 catches for 103 yards.

CB Jacques Reeves: They try to get you third-and-short and then let Welker do his thing. A lot of the time, it looks like he’s got the option to do what he wants to do. He’s a big part of their offense. They have someone similar to Welker in No. 11, but you can’t replace a Wes Welker, unfortunately for them.”

LB Brian Cushing: “Edelman, he just stepped up into that role, did everything you’d see out of Wes Welker on film. Just the fact that those two guys, what they can do, it’s scary. How precise they are and how quick they are, you can tell they’re smart football players. You can tell they know exactly what coverages they’re getting. They know what they’re gonna do, how they’re going to sit, how they’re going to react, all of it.”


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