Belichick blunt and to the point about loss

Patriots coach Bill Belichick used as few words as possible in his postgame press conference, and pretty much answered every question with a short, direct, and obvious answer.


What did you see happen on the long run (by Ray Rice, 83 yards for a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage) at the beginning of the game?

Belichick: “We obviously just didn’t do a good job.”

Were you not prepared for the level of pressure they were putting on Tom Brady at the opening snap?

Belichick: “I don’t think they really did anything different.”

How much were your options limited in the receiving game?


Belichick: “We played with what we had. I thought Julian (Edelman), Sam (Aiken), Randy (Moss), they made plays for us before.”

On Brady’s interceptions?

Belichick: “Look, we made too many mistakes in the game to win and that’s obvious.”

Can you talk about Tom Brady? Was he completely healthy?

Belichick: “We just didn’t do well as a team in any area.”

Have you ever been more disappointed?

Belichick: “Any time you lose, it’s disappointing.”

Were there any indications, practice-wise, that this didn’t feel like you were ready?

Belichick: “No, we obviously didn’t play well.”

Where do you guys go from here?

Belichick: “Well, our season is over.”

What happened to the pass protection?

Belichick: “Sometimes, they got pressure on us.”

And the most insightful comment was Belichick’s final answer, when he was asked what the result says about the parity of the league given that the Patriots finished as a division champion and the third seed while the Ravens played their way in during the final week of the season and won as a sixth-seeded wild-card team.

“Same thing it says about the NFL every week in this league. The better team wins. It’s not about records. It’s about who plays better on the day you play. That’s what it’s always about,” Belichick said.

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