Do today’s results mean much for the Patriots?


In a word … No. Or at least “No”, so long as there aren’t two pretty big upsets in the next round.

Basically what we know now is that if the AFC Championship Game is at Gillette Stadium (a longshot), the archrival Jets will be the opponent. And I suppose we know that the Jets defense and running game is — or at least was, on this day — as good as their lofty rankings.

Rookie Shonn Green was a revelation in a more full-time role for the Jets, the offensive line was on top of its game and the defense was its big-play self. Maybe most important, for the Jets’ program’s growth, was the continued progress of Mark Sanchez, who threw for 182 yards and a touchdown on 12-of-15 passing, even with a sure touchdown deep to Braylon Edwards dropped.

If the Patriots win, the Jets go to Indy. If Baltimore wins, they go to San Diego.

So do the Jets have a legit shot in Round 2? I don’t think so. But then, I also thought they were gonna be finished by the Bengals today.

Oh, and as for the other side of the ledger, the team I used to cover did pretty well for themselves. In fact, with that hurdle of winning their first playoff game in 14 years, cleared, I think those Cowboys are the frontrunner for the NFC’s berth in the Super Bowl.


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