Ravens fans raid Razor

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FOXBOROUGH — My buddy Chris Gasper just passed this thought along …

For years, Red Sox fans have been raiding Camden Yards in Baltimore. And today, the Charm City got its revenge, with Ravens fans making their presence felt in Foxboro.

Fenway Park South, meet M&T Bank Stadium North.

At the end of the game, I stood on the edges of the field, and watched as large groups of Ravens fans congregated around the sides of the tunnel. Purple was everywhere, and as each player went into that area, well, you might as well have been in Maryland. That was after another interesting moment, this one coming prior to the game, when during the national anthem, Baltimore’s trademark “O!” shout was audible.

Let’s just say that the Patriots players took note of this, took note of all the empty seats and the trouble the team had sellling tickets this week, and most of all noticed the booing that started just minutes into the game. By game’s end, there weren’t many fans left to boo, and most of those that remained were wearing Raven colors anyway.

“It felt like we were playing an away game, that’s what it felt like,” said sixth-year Patriot Vince Wilfork. “Even if we’d moved on from here, we probably would’ve played two away games, back-to-back. I’m telling you, for all this team’s done in the past … I don’t understand it.

“Of course, they pay their money, they want to see a good show, they want to have the big plays, but it doesn’t happen like that all the time. But hey, they have their right to their opinion. That’s how they felt, they let us know. We didn’t help (matters).”

And thus wraps up a week where tickets sat unsold for days, and apathy was apparent.

The visitors noticed it too, in the amount of supporters they had on board.

“I was surprised there were that many Ravens (fans),” said coach John Harbaugh. “There were thousands of Ravens fans all along the end zone and over the top of the tunnel. It just overwhelms you when you see that. You see that sea of purple, and the looks on their faces, you just had to go over and be a part of it. Baltimore’s got the best fans in the National Football League.”

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