Respect apparent between Patriots, Ravens

Brady Flacco.jpg
After today’s game, as we waited for the Ravens locker room to open, Patriots owner Robert Kraft made his way by.

He made a point to stop coach John Harbaugh — who was heading off to his press conference — for a moment to congratulate him. And then, he sought out Steve Bisciotti at the locker room door, giving the Ravens an owner a hug before heading for the exit with his family.

Harbaugh noted after the game how Bisciotti, still fairly new at this NFL ownership thing, has learned from Kraft, and it’s pretty clear that there was a respect that seeped throughout each organization.

Ravens safety Ed Reed told me, as we walked toward the team bus, “You know you’ve got to fight. We knew we had to fight against these guys. They’re champions. They’re champions.”

“Being in this league for so many years,” Ray Lewis added, “I’ve watched the greatest of the New England Patriots, so you have to tip your hat to them. They are one of the top-notch programs in professional football.”


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