Final: Ravens 33, Patriots 14

FOXBOROUGH — (FINAL, Ravens 33, Patriots 14): Game over here at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots lose their first playoff game at home since 1978 and end the season 10-7

(4th quarter, 6:14, Patriots 14, Ravens 33): The Patriots announced Sam Aiken is out with a head injury and he will not return.

(4th quarter, 7:24, Patriots 14, Ravens 33)
: Stephen Gostkowski’s 44-yard field goal is wide right. The fans are heading for the exits.

(4th quarter, 9:00, Patriots 14, Ravens 33): Sam Aiken is down after going up for a pass. Looks like he was knocked out as his head hit the ground. Patriots staff is working on him on the field. Aiken had to be helped off the field.


(4th quarter, 10:32, Patriots 14, Ravens 33): The call on the field stands.

(4th quarter, 10:32, Patriots 14, Ravens 33): Willis McGahee runs 3 yards for the touchdown. The Ravens attempted a 2-point conversion, but McGahee was stopped short of the goal line. Harbaugh is challenging if McGahee broke the plane. 

(4th quarter, 12:05, Patriots 14, Ravens 27): Ball moved to the 6-yard line and the Ravens have a first down.

(4th quarter, 12:05, Patriots 14, Ravens 27):
Ravens coach John Harbaugh challenges the spot on Flacco’s run. The Ravens were facing third and 7 from the Patriots 13 when Flacco scrambled and appeared to stretch the ball beyond the first down marker before he stepped out of bounds.

(4th quarter, 15:00, Patriots 14, Ravens 27): If the Patriots are going to win this one, they will have to put up an impressive fourth quarter. The Patriots have been outscored 93-75 in the fourth quarter this season.

(3d quarter, 1:47, Patriots 14, Ravens 27): Edelman gets another touchdown as Brady connects with him on a 1-yard pass. The play completed a 10-play, 53 yard drive that used 4:31.

(3d quarter, 3:51, Patriots 7, Ravens 27): Ravens are called for illegal contact on second and 5 from the Baltimore 19. The five-yard penalty gives the Patriots a first down.

(3d quarter,6:07, Patriots 7, Ravens 27): The Patriots announced Shawn Springs has a head injury and is not expected to return.


(3d quarter, 6:18, Patriots 7, Ravens 27): Cundiff kicks 23-yard field goal for the Ravens. On four turnovers, the Ravens have scored two touchdowns and two field goals.

(3d quarter, 9:35, Patriots 7, Ravens 24): Another interception for Brady. Dawan Landry snagged a pass intended for Ben Watson and returned it 32 yards to the Patriots 22.

(3d quarter, 10:42, Patriots 7, Ravens 24): The Patriots get into a little rhythm as Brady completes passes to Edelman and Moss that both lead to first downs on back-to-back plays.

(3d quarter, 11:38, Patriots 7, Ravens 24): Shawn Springs broke up a nice play deep into Patriots territory to force the Ravens to punt, but it appears he was shaken up on the play. He was being tended to on the sideline.

(3d quarter, 13:19, Patriots 7, Ravens 24): Not much improved for the Patriots offense after halftime. New England punts after three plays. 

(3d quarter, 15:00, Patriots 7, Ravens 24): Faulk had a part in all 61 net yards of offense for the Patriots in the first half.

(Halftime, Patriots 7, Ravens 24): Ravens take a knee to end the half.

(2d quarter, 0:54, Patriots 7, Ravens 24):
McGahee picks up another first down, moving the Ravens to their 26.

(2d quarter, 1:38, Patriots 7, Ravens 24): Faced with third and 2 from the Baltimore 12, Willis McGahee picks up the first down. The Ravens may have the chance to run out the clock and end the half.

(2d quarter, 2:07, Patriots 7, Ravens 24):
Patriots unable to get much on the drive and punt. Baltimore takes over on their own 4.

(2d quarter, 5:33, Patriots 7, Ravens 24):
Edelman returns punt 28 yards and gets the crowd excited as he dodged a few tackles. The Patriots will start from the Baltimore 44.

(2d quarter, 7:38, Patriots 7, Ravens 24):
Without Kevin Faulk, the Patriots would have -17 yards of offense in the first quarter. Faulk accounted for 37 yards in the first quarter.

(2d quarter, 7:47, Patriots 7, Ravens 24):
The Patriots are unable to pick up a first down and are forced to punt. 


(2d quarter, 9:14, Patriots 7, Ravens 24): Flacco’s pass is tipped and Tully Banta-Cain pulls in the interception to give the Patriots the ball on their 36.

(2d quarter, 11:23, Patriots 7, Ravens 24):  Julian Edelman gets his first touchdown of the postseason, grabbing a 6-yard pass in the end zone. It completed a six-play, 16-yard drive that used 2:45. Brady has thrown a touchdown in 16 consecutive playoff games, second only to Brett Favre (18). Edelman is the first Patriots rookie since Robert Edwards in 1998 to score a touchdown.

(2d quarter, 14:08, Patriots 0, Ravens 24): The Patriots catch a break when the punt bounces off of Ravens Tom Zbikowski’s shoulder pad. Kyle Arrington sprinted to the ball and recovered it before it went out of bounds to give the Patriots’ possession on the Baltimore 16. The Ravens did not challenge the play.

(1st quarter, 0:00, Patriots 0, Ravens 24):
The end of the first quarter sees the Patriots allowing the most points in a quarter in the team’s playoff history.

(1st quarter, 1:24, Patriots 0, Ravens 24): Billy Cundiff kicks 27-yard field goal to extend Ravens lead.

(1st quarter, 2:33, Patriots 0, Ravens 21): Things aren’t getting much better for the Patriots. Brady throws another pick, this time to Ed Reed. Reed tossed lateral to Dawan Landry to complete a 50-yard return. Ravens take over on the Patriots 9.

(1st quarter, 3:55, Patriots 0, Ravens 21):
Ray Rice gets his second touchdown of the game running 1 yard for the score. The play completed a six-play, 25-yard drive that burned 2:54. Rice has 94 yards on six carries. 

(1st quarter, 6:44, Patriots 0, Ravens 14):
Another turnover for the Patriots as Chris Carr intercepts Tom Brady’s pass to give the Ravens possession on the Patriots 25.
(1st quarter, 8:18, Patriots 0, Ravens 14): Patriots defense gets a stop, forcing the Ravens to punt from the New England 43.

(1st quarter, 8:58, Patriots 0, Ravens 14): Chris Carr returns punt 34 yards to the Patriots 42. Fans start to boo.

(1st quarter, 10:27, Patriots 0, Ravens 14):
Ray Lewis ran right by Laurence Maroney and got to Brady for a sack that resulted in a seven-yard loss. The Patriots are pushed back to their 14. Three plays and the Patriots are punting.

(1st quarter, 10:29, Patriots 0, Ravens 14): The Ravens make the best of the turnover as Le’Ron McClain runs 1 yard for the touchdown to complete a five-play, 17-yard drive. If you’re keeping score, the Ravens have run six plays and rushed for 100 yards.

(1st quarter, 13:16, Patriots 0, Ravens 7): Terrell Suggs stripped Tom Brady of the ball, got the sack and recovered a fumble to give the Ravens the ball on the Patriots 17.

(1st quarter, 14:43, Patriots 0, Ravens 7):
The run is established for the Ravens. Ray Rice squeezed through a hole and took off for 83 yards for a touchdown on the first play of the drive for the Ravens. It is second longest run from scrimmage in a playoff game.

Captains: Wes Welker joined the team captains Vince Wilfork, Jerod Mayo, Randy  Moss and Sam Aiken on the field for the coin toss. Patriots won the toss and deferred.

Pregame: We’re about 15 minutes from kickoff here at Gillette Stadium. It’s a bright and sunny day, but it is 20 degrees, with a windchill of 8. Winds are out of the NNW at 12 mph.  Here are the inactives for New England: Isaiah Stanback, Terrence Wheatley, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Thomas Williams, Rich Ohrnberger, Dan Connolly, Mark LeVoir and Ron Brace. For Baltimore: John Beck, Justin Harper, Marcus Paschal, Keith Fitzhugh, David Hale, Tony Moll, Kelly Talavou and Paul Kruger. 

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