Wilfork: ‘We didn’t come to play’


No Patriots player more vividly expressed the sense anyone, especially and Patriots fan, watching the game today would feel than Vince Wilfork. He said exactly what he thought and cut to the core of what happened today.

“They came in, and they wanted it more than us,” Wilfork said. “It showed. There’s nothing you can really do about it. Move on. They played a hell of a ball game. They showed what they wanted to do was run the ball. And they did, and did it very well. No excuses, at least not on this end. We just didn’t come to play. 


“We didn’t come to play. We never had a chance, from the first play to the last play. We didn’t even play like it was a playoff game. More like a preseason game. We got beat up today. For them to come in here and do what they did, they could basically have been playing out there with a JV football team and they probably would have given a better effort than we did.”

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