Dealing with disappointment

It’s been a tough day for New England’s football fandom.

Rest assured, the guys cashing the checks from the team you root for feel your pain. Just like players and coaches take time to savor victories, there’s a mourning period for all those guys after a loss like Sunday’s. A long one, in fact.

“Honestly, it really goes until the first day of training camp,” coach Bill Belichick said today. “Minicamp and (the) offseason program and all of that, at least you’re back on the field. At least you feel like you’re doing something about it. And I think you can do something about it in January and February in terms of decision-making and plays and scheme and things like that.

“But I think when you get to training camp, that’s really your first time where you can start the new season and therefore try and get to a higher level than you were at the year before. …  There’s a lot of work that goes into the offseason, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to minimize the offseason, but it’s a lot of hot air. ‘Well, this is going to be better, that’s going to be better.’ Or, ‘We’re going to do this.’ Or ‘We’re going to do that.’

“But until you actually get out there and start really doing it, that’s when you feel like you can really make some progress. There are a lot of steps that lead up to that point. But I’d say the first day of training camp – that’s when you finally address … you’re in the 2010 season. You’re in it before then, but that’s when you’re really in it. So it stays with you for a while.”

We’ll take another look back at the game on Sunday tomorrow, and we’ll go through assessing the roster and such right here after that. So keep with Extra Points as we wrap up 2009 and head for Twenty-Ten.


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