Watson reveals Patriots OC!!!

OK, so I get home, and put on Sports Final on WBZ … and Boom!, there it is.

Steve Burton asks tight end Benjamin Watson who’s the calling the plays. “Offensive coordinator is,” he responds. And the offensive coordinator is? “Billy.” O’Brien? “O’Brien.”

So there you have it … Watson continued, “(Bill) Belichick obviously has the last word. If there’s something coach wants run in a certain situation, then he’s the head coach, he obviously can overrrule. But he’s not the primary playcaller. Primary playcaller is the offensive coordinator, coach O’Brien.”

Watson was remarkably open in this talk — he conceded “we got smoked” — and seemed the same way earlier in the locker room, when the issue of his expiring contract came up.

“I’d love to be here,” said Watson. “It’s kind of up in the air right now. … Guess you’ll have to ask them. Hey, for the last time, I’ll say it: Ask Bill.”


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