Pats set to pick 22nd

The NFL draft order shakes out each playoff week, and so the four teams eliminated over the week have officially taken their places in line. The 10-6 Bengals will pick 21st, your New England Patriots will be 22nd, the Packers will select 23rd, and the Eagles will go 24th (Thanks to Gregg Rosenthal for pointing it out).

The last time the Patriots picked 22nd, in 1998, they got their ill-fated “press corner” Tebucky Jones, who wound starting at safety for their first championship team. That slot has produced a couple game-breakers the last couple years, and a bunch of questionable quarterbacks of late. Here’s the rundown …

2009: Minnesota Vikings — Florida WR Percy Harvin
2008: Dallas Cowboys — Arkansas RB Felix Jones
2007: Cleveland Browns — Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn
2006: San Francisco 49ers — N.C. State OLB Manny Lawson
2005: Baltimore Ravens — Oklahoma WR Mark Clayton
2004: Buffalo Bills — Tulane QB J.P. Losman
2003: Chicago Bears — Florida QB Rex Grossman
2002: New York Jets — UAB DE Bryan Thomas
2001: New York Giants — Syracuse DB Will Allen
2000: Seattle Seahawks — Wisconsin OT Chris McIntosh


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