Is it the end … for the whole city?


Everyone knows what kind of decade it’s been here — with the six championships, and the soldout arenas and stadiums, and constant buzz the teams have created. Our own Dan Shaughnessy wonders now, in a column at, if it’s all over …

It was ugly and when it was over Vince Wilfork called out his team (“We didn’t come to play”) and Tom Brady agreed that there was something missing in Foxboro this year.

The harsh truth is that it’s temporarily over for New England fans and this news will be wildly applauded around the rest of the country.

Truth be told, there’s been a sense of arrogance and entitlement about Boston sports fans in recent times. Success did not become us. We were lovable losers back in the day, but gracious winners in good times. Ask fans in Baltimore, Oakland and Tampa how much they love having citizens of Red Sox Nation overrun their ballparks every summer.

I can still remember being in California last spring, and seeing some dude walking around with a t-shirt that had the phrase “Boston Sports” crossed out.

So if this is the end of a pretty remarkable run, Dan’s right … There won’t be much sympathy.


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