Brady (sort of) talks contract

Tom Brady is entering the final year of his six-year contract, and when he is asked about this topic Brady contorts his face like someone who just realized there is a parking ticket on his windshield. Brady prefers to avoid any discussion of his contract, but he shared some thoughts today at his charity event at the Tobin Community Center, where he helped smartwater donate $30,000 and played flag football with kids.

“We’re all way overpaid,” Brady said. “I love playing. We’re all fortunate to play. We all have the greatest job in the world, and I have the greatest job in the world. I love being here. I love Boston. I love the city. I love the community.”
Several elite quarterbacks, notably Phillip Rivers, have received large extensions recently. If Brady does not shore up his own contract status, it soon will become the most prominent storyline surrounding the franchise. Brady, though, did not express a preference of getting his contract situation settled before the 2010 season begins.


“Well, I’m under contract. I signed a six-year contract five years ago,” Brady said. “There’s a lot players that end up being in my situation. There is a lot of uncertainty in the league. As a player rep now, I realize all the issues that our league faces. It’s a really unique time in our league. As a team player, I don’t sit and here and say, ‘What about me? What about me?’ I’m under contract. I’ll go out there and play and play my butt off.”

At the moment, there is no guarantee NFL football will take place in 2011. The owners and the Players Association remain far apart in striking a new collective bargaining agreement. Brady, an assistant player representative for the Patriots, said he has spoken with several leaders within the Players Association and, “we’re a long way away, from the way it sounds.”

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