Could this be a gift from Saban to Belichick??

DT Terrence Cody.jpg

Nick Saban’s arrival at the South team’s practice for Saturday’s Senior Bowl was something short of a president coming in for a visit … But not by much. The Denali pulled on the track at Fairhope Stadium, security detail hopped out, and then the Alabama coach emerged to a standing ovation. On a field full of college stars, and NFL types, he was clearly the big show.

Could one of his orders of business be to help unite a couple of guys he knows pretty well?

Probably not. But he may have already paved the way for that to happen. In fact, it’s Alabama nose tackle Terrence Cody’s understanding that a certain coaching buddy of the Tide coach was inquiring about the big man’s pro prospects. Yup, that friend of Saban’s.

“I never talked to Coach (Bill) Belichick,” Cody told me after practice. “But he talked to coach Saban about me and asked a few questions, saying, ‘Can he do this?’ and ‘Can he do that?’ and asking about me as a player and person.”

Cody said he would hope Saban said “That I’m a good player and I do what they tell me too and I’m disciplined and I do the right things, and I don’t get into trouble or anything.”

Cody is most certainly one of the under-the-microscope guys here at the Senior Bowl. He weighed in this morning at 370, and let’s just say that he looked less than svelte.

It would make some sense that the Patriots would look at Cody.

For one, his massive frame would create a fit in the New England front. Also, some of his experience in Nick Saban’s system would carry over to Belichick’s. And then, there’s Vince Wilfork’s brewing contract situation.

So if the Patriots are to look long-term, Cody could be a consideration. The nose tackle said of the Belichick-Saban connection, “I’ve thought about it. I mean, it means something, but it doesn’t mean that much, because I still gotta show them I can come out here and play.”


Speaking of coming out and playing, this week’s spotlight player, Tim Tebow, struggled this afternoon, from what I can see. The long, slow, Leftwich-style delivery, and accuracy issues that have already been cited are clearly there, and even in drills, you can see how fond he is of tucking and running and seeking contact, which would be more of a problem in the NFL than it was in college.

We’ll keep this stuff coming at you next week. And if there’s anyone else on the Senior Bowl roster you’d like me to take a look, hit the comments section and tell me where to go.