The most “powerful” Patriot?

moss happy.jpg

Business Week magazine this week chose its 100 most powerful athletes of 2010, basing half the athlete’s “power” on on-field performance and the other half on off-field awareness, influence, etc. Two Patriots made the list, and the order they finished will probably surprise you.

Randy Moss finished 24th, and Tom Brady 30th. The magazine looked at performance over a two-year span, so Brady missing nearly all of the 2008 season is probably the reason he was not ranked higher.

Here’s why Business Week says Moss made the list: Although his athletic ability is unmatched and he suits up for one of the NFL’s dominant franchises, Moss frustrates fans and scares away partners with his reputation for slacking off on some plays.


And here’s what the magazine says about Brady: As if his three Super Bowl rings and supermodel wife weren’t enough, Brady’s good looks make him an ideal pitchman for higher-end products.

Tiger Woods finished first on the Business Week list. Peyton Manning was the highest-ranked football player, finishing No. 5 overall. He just keeps finding ways to one-up the Patriots.

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