Will Springs retire?


Appearing on ESPN’s First Take this morning, Patriots cornerback Shawn Springs intimated he may ponder retirement this offseason.

“Maybe,” Springs said. “No, no. I actually feel like I can still play a lot. I don’t know yet. I’m taking my time. I think every player should try to do that, take their time.”

Springs signed a three-year contract with the Patriots last offseason. He became a productive starting cornerback late in the season, after a mysterious four-game stretch in which he was inactive. Springs said he and coach Bill Belichick have a strong relationship, calling him “a really good guy.”


Springs discussed his post-football options, among which included opening a dessert bar in the Dominican Republican (no, really), a career in television and, most interesting, attending law school.

“I have so many options right now,” said Springs. “I still really enjoy playing football. Law school would be a great option. Maybe I could negotiate with some of the owners and GMs in the NFL for some of these players coming out, be an agent.”

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