Osgood pays tribute to Moss, Patriots


Kassim Osgood won’t be the biggest fish in the free-agent pond come March. But the three-time Pro Bowler is a guy who Bill Belichick has outwardly shown an appreciation for in the past, and, well, I thought I’d bring that up to him after the AFC’s walkthrough.

 “Mr. Belichick?” he said, flashing a smile. “He’s an outstanding coach, I admire him.”

So he’d play for him? “I’d play for him,” Osgood said. “I’d play for him, yes.”

Some of the fans at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale seemed to think he already was. Wearing 81, and a backwards Patriots cap — he got it from Vince Wilfork — some people mistook the Charger for Randy Moss.

And Osgood got a kick out of that, on a couple levels. See, he was born in Boston and lived back there for the first four years of his life, and Moss is an offseason training partner of his. Hence, the hat.

“My family grew up all Patriot fans, my parents are from Boston, figured I’d give them a little tribute, plus I’m a big Randy Moss fan,” Osgood told me. “Randy’s one of the guys I train with the offseason, so I really respect and admire what he’s done with his career. I sort of model myself after him, I’ve got the number, the hat, little tribute to Randy.”

Thanks to my man Adam Kilgore for the awesome photo here.


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