Remember last year’s Pro Bowl? Um …

Pro Bowl.jpg

Can even the most diehard Patriots fan tell me how many catches Wes Welker had in last year’s Pro Bowl? How about how many points Stephen Gostkowski amassed?

The answer to the both questions is three, in case you’re wondering.

Larry Fitzgerald was the game’s MVP, just a week after he finished his epic run through the playoffs, and the NFC won, 30-21. Bet you didn’t know that, either.

Nonetheless, we’ll be heading over there to check in on all the Pro Bowlers here in a few minutes … and, in particular, Vince Wilfork, Logan Mankins and Brandon Meriweather. For Meriweather and Wilfork, it’s a homecoming of sorts, with “The U” just a little ways down the freeway from Sun Life Stadium (yes, they changed the name again).


“Got my friends and family here, and this is home for me,” Wilfork said. “We’re having a good time. My wife’s down here, just enjoying this nice weather. We’re here to enjoy it as much as possible.”

Anyway, we’ll check back in with you guys in a few minutes here, before jetting off to the stadium.

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