What about the guys who didn’t make it …

Our Web editor, Matt Pepin already posted the list of Patriots and ex-Pats who made the all-decade team, as selected by the Hall of Fame voters, while I was stuck in about the worst traffic possible.

(Memo to the NFL: if you want to test having the Pro Bowl on the mainland, you might want to make it easier for fans to get there. The chaos I witnessed in the parking lot — by the time we got there, attendants were frantically waving people in and not charging because kickoff was so close and so many were stuck out there — was unbelievable. Always thought having it in Hawaii was a better idea. Now, I wish they had it on Mars.)

The full rundown: QB Tom Brady, WR Randy Moss, DL Richard Seymour, CB Ty Law, K Adam Vinatieri and coach Bill Belichick. As a mea culpa … I thought they picked just one team, but it turns out they basically have two without splitting them into first and second teams, which is why I thought guys like Brady and Vinatieri were out.

So is there anyone out there you guys think got snubbed?

The closest, in my opinion, would be Rodney Harrison. The four safeties on the team: Brian Dawkins, Troy Polamalu, Ed Reed and Darren Sharper. Dawkins, Polamalu and Reed are no-brainers. I think you could argue for Harrison over Sharper, though they’re awfully close.

Maybe Junior Seau, too, although he was clearly in decline starting in the middle of the decade.


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