This time, Seau thinks he’s staying retired


Junior Seau has never grown comfortable with the idea of retirement. He first announced his departure from football in 2006. Four days later, he signed with the Patriots for the first time. After playing two seasons, Seau sat out the beginning of 2008, then returned in December. This year, he signed with the Patriots in October.

Last month, he announced his decision to retire from football for the second time. While his official papers have yet to be filed, the Patriots linebacker said he is comfortable with his decision.

“Yeah,” he said. “I think so.”

Seau was working as a correspondent for Showtime’s Inside the NFL at Super Bowl media day. (Add those who capitalize the ‘M’ and the ‘D’to the list of people not to trust.) Seau lives the way he played football when he was at his best, like a whirlwind. He’s been working for television and hasn’t slowed down. When asked how retirement was treating him, Seau couldn’t fully answer.


“I haven’t really felt it yet,” he said. “I haven’t really felt it.”

Seau had not been following the Patriots defensive coordinator situation, but he had high praise for Patriots linebackers coach Matt Patricia, the most likely candidate to assume the role.

“Matt will definitely be a defensive coordinator, and he’ll build up to being a head coach someday,” Seau said. “He’s a bright talent. He’ll be ready for it. I have all the confidence that Matt will be ready for it. He can step into anyone’s shoes.”

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