Dungy: ‘I would punt the ball to Tom Brady’

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Dan Shaugnessy weighed in on the state of the Peyton Manning-Tom Brady debate today and argued the prevailing side: Manning has surpassed Brady, even if Brady has those three Super Bowl rings and Manning will be trying for his second tomorrow.

Former Colts coach Tony Dungy gave his take, too, and he offered an even more stinging appraisal – and we all know how hard it is to be more stinging than Shaugnessy.

Dungy told the New York Times the score will not be close Sunday night, and then compared Manning, the quarterback who for years before his 2006 breakthrough crumbled against the Patriots, to Brady.


During the early portion Manning-Brady era, Brady gained an edge because of his ability in the clutch. Manning could take the numbers, the commercials, the jersey sales; Brady had the victories. When it mattered, you wanted Brady and wondered about Manning.

But that, with the Patriots’ last playoff win having come three years ago, may no longer be true. In making his point, Dungy turned to the fourth-and-2 example from the final minutes of the Colts’ Week 10 victory over the Patriots. Here’s how Dungy put it to the Times:

“Your coach wouldn’t punt the ball to Peyton. I would punt the ball to Tom Brady with one minute left. Your coach is the best coach in the world and wouldn’t punt it to [Manning]. What does that say?”

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