Payton played a good Bill

Saints coach Sean Payton has become pretty well known for his motivational tools, most notably the bats he’s passed out before games to remind his players to “bring the wood”.

Would you believe that another visual aid he used was Bill Belichick?

Well, it wasn’t actually Belichick. It was a likeness of him, played by Payton himself in the week leading up to Pats-Saints.

Payton was making an effort to demystify the iconic Patriots coach, and humanize him to his player. So he grabbed a hoodie, cut off the sleeves and went to work. My old Dallas pal Ed Werder, of ESPN, put together a piece on it this week (Can’t find the video online, otherwise I’d link it) and got some pretty funny stuff from Saints players.

Offensive tackle Jon Stinchcomb said, “The whole deal, from head to toe, he was Bill.” Darren Sharper added “He’s not as built or stocky as Belichick, so I think he put a little pillow under his stomach. So I hope coach Belichick doesn’t mind, he tried to make a little fun at his weight.”

“He hit it dead on,” Anthony Hargrove said. “With the … ‘Well, you know they’re gonna try and play Hargrove at the 3-technique. That’ll never work.”

If you climb up this coaching tree, you see Bill Parcells, perhaps the best button-pusher of a coach of all-time. Belichick’s been pretty good at it too, and it’s obvious that Payton’s hitting the right spots with his team now.

Special thanks to Ed for passing along the quotes.


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