It’s finally here …


Always seems like the time from when the Lamar Hunt Trophy and George Halas Trophy are handed out and the ball is kicked off in the Super Bowl is two months, not two weeks.

But we’re finally here, and this one promises to be pretty entertaining (it would do well to match last year), with a scoring machine on each side, an elite quarterback on each side, and fast, if flawed, havoc-wreaking defense on each side. I made my feelings on how this one will play out — Colts 42, Saints 24 — in this morning’s paper, and you guys can fill up the comments section with your picks.

But we have some far deeper stuff from Team Globe this morning than simply who I think is gonna win the game. Like …

Adam Kilgore wraps up a big week here with a look at quarterback Drew Brees’ overcoming the odds — and the tape measure — to arrive here on football’s biggest stage.

Monique Walker hits the opposite side, profiling Peyton Manning and his ‘Wow Factor’, and how it’s turned even those who work closest with him into fans. And our esteemed columnist-on-the-scene, Dan Shaughnessy, delves into Peyton and his dad, the King of the South, Archie Manning.

Here are my Sunday Notes, which lead with the Colts’ method of team-building (identify your core players, pay them big money, and have a revolving door of solid system-specific talent built through the draft at other positions), and follow with Adrian Peterson’s fumbling problems and Josh Cribbs’ impact on football, among other things.

Finally, columnist Tony Massarotti (who’s had a big week down here for 98.5 The Sports Hub) tries to find Peyton Manning’s spot in history, while also emphasizing that we should all take in that we’re here to watch the Manning/Brady Era.

Check back in with you guys in a while.


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