Thomas revels in the win


If there’s one guy you can be happy for tonight back in New England, it’s the guy to the right there, tossing confetti on his 2-year-old son Jaxon.

David Thomas was traded from the Patriots to the Saints on cutdown day for a seventh-round pick, kicking off a whirlwind season for he and his young family. When the deal went down, his wife had just given birth to their second son, and she had to stay behind for a month to complete their move from Plainville while he went to New Orleans.

“She carries the load, a very strong woman, a great woman, she’s takes care of us,” Thomas told me on the field after the game. “She’s definitely enjoying this. … My wife and kids are down here on the field. And after everything we’ve been through with the move, all the uncertainty of this year, this is very special for us.”

Saints QB Drew Brees called Thomas the team’s MVP earlier in the week, something that was just a tad over the top. But he has been a valuable weapon for the club, and he came up with a big 9-yard catch in the fourth quarter tonight to get the Saints to the Indy 5, and help set up the team’s game-winning touchdown.

A genuinely good guy, Thomas now has a national championship ring from his college days, and a Super Bowl ring’s coming. It’s been a strange path to get there — going from the Team of the Decade to a star-crossed franchise, and doing it days before the opener — but things seem to have worked out just fine for the Patriots’ third-round pick in 2006.

“This is something else,” he said. “Everything I’ve been through personally, everything this team’s been through, when I first got here I was excited, but the Lord’s taken care of me. … This is unbelievable, this is the biggest stage there is. Just happy to be a part of this team.”


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