Globe 10.0: Is Belichick trying to do too much?

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In this edition of Globe 10.0, Christopher L. Gasper and Charlie Pierce debate whether or not Bill Belichick is trying to do too much on his own and, in doing so, hurting the team.

“Right now, in February, yes, he’s trying to do too much,” says Pierce.


Belichick has announced that he will not give any coaches on his staff the title of offensive or defensive coordinator this season. He said he’d like to take a more active role in coaching his defense.

“I almost feel like they should turn it over to [Tom Brady], kind of like Peyton Manning in Indianapolis,” says Gasper. “Who knows this offense better than him?”

What do you think? Is Belichick trying to do too much? Watch the video above and answer our survey below.

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