Mark your calendar for the Patriots offseason

draft dates.jpg

With the Super Bowl wrapped up and the euphoria still running high for the Saints, here is a clip-and-save guide to the Patriots offseason. Friday will the be the first notable date — the first day the Patriots can slap their franchise tag on Vince Wilfork (if they choose Wilfork). The list:

Feb. 11: Teams can franchise or transition players
Feb. 24: Combine begins at Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis
Feb. 25: Franchise/transition deadline
March 2: Combine ends
March 4: Contracts through 2009 season expire
March 5: Free agency begins
March 5: Deadline to prevent uncapped season
March 15: First possible day for offseason workouts
March 21-24: NFL Annual Meeting
April 22: NFL Draft round 1 in New York (starts on a Thursday at 7:30 p.m.)
April 23: NFL Draft rounds 2-3
April 24: NFL Draft rounds 4-7
End of April/start of May: Patriots rookie camp
May 24-26: NFL Spring Meeting


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