My own mea culpa


Our guy Dan Shaughnessy pretty much said it all this morning in the Globe.

And I’m happy to take my hits here too. In case you missed it, I was comically wrong in my prediction column that ran on Sunday morning.

Really, really wrong. Felt awesome about it after one quarter, not so much after four.

Let’s just say there’s some pretty funny stuff in my inbox too, whether it’s intentionally funny or not, and plenty of “Who Dat!!!!”

So keep it coming. I’m gonna try and respond to everyone’s emails, although that may take a while, after spending much of yesterday traveling.

And I will promise you this: You guys will always know where I stand on things, and I’ll keep writing with conviction on what I believe. Just because, in this case, it wound up being way, way off doesn’t mean I’ll reverse field. I’ll take the heat for it.

I thought the Colts would win easy, and they didn’t. Not by a longshot. There you have it.

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