Which ex-Patriots wideout do you want?

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So now Donte’ Stallworth’s available, and as Drew Rosenhaus tells our guy Kilgore, the market has opened for his services.

I chimed in on this on Sunday.

I believe it’s a good fit. Stallworth can add another vertical threat to the offense, and if you aren’t sure you’ll be able to count Brandon Tate, the Patriots will need someone to stretch the field opposite Randy Moss. He knows the offense.

He was popular in the locker room, and has spoken fondly of his time in New England, and so that would likely mitigate any risk involved with taking him on. As far as I know, this is a good guy who will do his best to make it work in his next home.

Stallworth Browns.jpg

So Stallworth (right) would be one ex-Patriot option at the receiver position. Another is pictured above in all his Super Bowl glory: Deion Branch.

Here’s what I know about Branch … Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is still going through his evaluation of the roster, so there’s no real timetable on when a decision will be made on the receiver’s situation. There’s also no roster bonus, or anything other than his $5.4 million base salary, due in 2010, so there isn’t a deadline on when Seattle has to make a decision on his future. Could happen tomorrow. Could happen in May.

That salary makes it unlikely he’ll stay in Seattle without some sort of salary adjustment — though the lack of a cap makes it possible if Carroll decides he really wants to keep him — and it also will make it difficult to trade him. That means, ultimately, his release is a real possibility.

I could go over why Branch would fit. But I went through it pretty thoroughly last month, so here’s the link to that.

All that in mind, who would you guys rather have come back? Fill up that comments section and let us know.


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