That Stallworth workout? It’s not the Pats …


Earlier today, the Globe’s Adam Kilgore reported that Donte’ Stallworth is set to workout with an unnamed team tomorrow, as the reinstated receiver looks for a new home.

Now we know that team is not the Patriots. Or any of his other former clubs.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio is reporting that Stallworth’s workout will be with the Detroit Lions.

Detroit, of course, has a pretty good No. 1 already in Calvin Johnson, and their thinking in acquiring Stallworth would likely be the same as Cleveland’s two years ago — Helping to get a young star (with the Browns, it was the since-departed Braylon Edwards) by placing a burner opposite him to threaten the defense downfield. And with rifle-armed Matt Stafford running the show, if Stallworth’s in shape and ready, he and Johnson could form quite the lethal combination.

But remember, this is far from over, and the Patriots could get involved yet. And there are likely to be other options as well.


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