Givens’ case vs. Titans dismissed


A little over a year ago, Globe alum Mike Reiss penned an in-depth story on the post-football troubles of former Patriots receiver David Givens.

Today, we got an update on his case.

The Tennessean is reporting (we got wind of this through Pro Football Talk) that Givens’ $25 million lawsuit against the Tennessee Titans has been dismissed. Givens was seeking the damages as part of a complaint that the Titans kept his medical records from him, and encouraged him to play through debilitating injuries.

The reason for the case being dismissed is that a federal judge ruled that, under the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, the complaint must go through arbitration at the league level. So that’s the route that Givens and his lawyer now plan to take.

“We’ll go to arbitration,’’ attorney Dan Warlick said. “We knew ahead of time that
this is something that could happen, this wasn’t a surprise. When we
filed it that was one of the issues we had to overcome, whether we
could get it into federal court without the arbitration. We just
thought federal court would be a better place to try.’’

I’m sure you guys all have fond memories of Givens. It’s just amazing how many guys’ careers end through these kind of injuries, and how those guys just sorta fall off the grid.


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