Bodden: Patriots ‘first and foremost’

Coming off a pretty solid 2009 season, free agent-to-be Leigh Bodden is sitting and waiting, and he sees nothing to get anxious about at this point.

On Sirius NFL Radio’s “Late Hits” program last night with hosts Bryan McGovern and Ross Tucker, Bodden intimated that he hasn’t seen a whole lot of progress in talks with the Patriots. And that’s just fine with him, for now at least.

“I did talk to Bill (Belichick), but all the business has to be done through my agent and those guys over there,” Bodden told the Sirius guys. “But I feel like it’s too early. Combine’s right around the corner, and that’s where a lot of guys’ talk is – all the GMs, all the coaches.”

Later in the interview, Bodden added, “I just let my agent handle (the negotiations). It’s just, first and foremost, trying to talk to the Patriots and seeing if we can get something done there.”

So if you want Bodden back, and there’s good reason to, then there’s some good news for you. Tucker and McGovern had a little fun with the NFL vet, too. At one point, Bodden said, “I don’t know too much about the business of free agency.” And about 15 seconds later, he responded like this when he was asked about, potentially, playing for the Ravens in his home state of Maryland.

“It would be good to play for the hometown teams, but that’s one thing I do know — Baltimore, under the CBA, if it doesn’t get signed, they’re a part of the Final Eight,” Bodden said, “And they have to lose a free agent to gain a free agent.”

That’s where Tucker called Bodden on playing dumb to the rules earlier. Anyway, follow the jump for some more clips from Bodden’s appearance …

On playing with Tom Brady … It’s unbelievable. Let me tell you, we played them in 2007, Cleveland did, and just to hear Tom Brady, the way he commanded the field, the way he demanded players to play well, to hear the little things he was saying, and then coming to the team and seeing how much of a leader he is, how much of a competitor he is, how much of just a great player he is, it’s amazing to play with a quarterback like that.”

On whether the system in New England was rigid … “Bill Belichick’s one of the best coaches there is. So you can’t really question what he does and how he does things, because he’s been successful with it. He knows what it takes to win. But he also listens to his players, as far as if things work or don’t work.”


On the playoff loss to Baltimore …  “I was as shocked as anybody. Not saying you know you’re going to win, but with the Patriots, and I didn’t have this with other teams, you confident going into those games. … Things didn’t go right early, and it’s kinda hard to come back against a team like that.”

On what the Patriots defense needs to get better …“We had some pass rush issues, we didn’t get that many sacks. And when Vince (Wilfork) was out or Tiny (Warren) was out, we had young guys, but I think the young guys stepped up and played well, and that just gives them experience going into next year. I think we have a lot of good young players, not just defensive line, but linebackers and the secondary. So it’s just little things here and there and just playing better.”

On seeing Mark Sanchez at the Super Bowl after intercepting him three times … “I thanked him a lot when I saw him down there in Miami.”

On his overall experience in New England … “My experience was great. As soon as I walked in the locker room, I felt like it was right. I felt good about the situation, the players were nothing but nice to me.”

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