Report: Seymour to be franchised


This news might be akin to “The Sun Will Rise Over the Eastern Sky”, but it’s worth passing along anyway.

According a report from David White of the San Francisco Chronicle, the Raiders will franchise defensive lineman Richard Seymour by the Feb. 25 deadline, if a long-term accord can’t be reached. The two sides have been negotiating on that.

And to this point, there’s been no noise coming from Seymour about that deal. He hardly seems to be upset about getting the tag.

So what’s going on here? Well, Seymour’s in a little different spot than Vince Wilfork, or Aubrayo Franklin or Casey Hampton.

First, Seymour’s made a king’s ransom already, with the four-year, $30 million deal he inked with the Patriots in 2006 in the bank, in addition to a rookie deal he got as the sixth pick in 2001 draft. Second, Wilfork and Franklin and Hampton are in a very different boat. The tag for defensive tackles is $7.003 million. The tag for defensive ends is $12.398 million.

So here’s what Seymour is looking at, provided he stays healthy … He’ll either hit free agency at 31 or he’ll pocket a minimum guaranteed figure of $27,275,560 (his 2010 tag, plus a 20 percent raise to tag again next year) between 2010 and ’11. And that means, from 2006-11, he’ll have had a take of more than $57 million.

Not bad, although the lockout could throw a kink in all of this.

Where is this relevant from a Patriots perspective? Well, you’re all going to be rooting against the Raiders in 2010 — since New England has that ’11 draft pick from the Seymour deal and Oakland losses will make that selection a higher one — so it’s worth keeping an eye on what Al Davis’ boys are up to.


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