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JUPITER, Fla. — Randy Moss talked about a lot more than his belief that he won’t be a Patriot beyond 2010 because he thinks the team team doesn’t want to extend his contract.

Here is a sampling of what else No. 81 had to say from the NFL vs. the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office S.W.A.T Softball Showdown presented by the Heath Evans Foundation.

On coach Bill Belichick’s decision not to name an offensive coordinator:
“Man, I don’t really know. All I hope is that we get this offense back to where we were when I first got to New England. I don’t care who is the offensive coordinator. I don’t care who is calling the plays. I think a lot of us had a lot of excitement in ’07 and I don’t think that a lot of things should have changed.


“We got the same offensive line, running backs, wide receivers, so we have the same offense. I don’t see why we can’t get back to the same potent offense we had two or three years ago. I know it takes a lot of hard work, a lot of time and a lot of effort. I’m willing to do that, so hopefully we can get back to the same offense we were a couple of years ago.”

On playing with a separated shoulder and how tough that was:
“I think the whole league played through injuries and when it comes to being a professional we’re not supposed to cry. We’re not supposed to moan. We’re not supposed to feel sorry for ourself. I never cry about my injuries. It’s really up to the team and the medics if I’m going to take a day off, take a game off. Realistically, I just needed a couple of weeks off, but I knew what position we were in and how we were fighting to stay in the playoff hunt. So, I just stayed in the game and tried to play through a lot. Things happen and hopefully just try again next year.”


On whether the Patriots ever found an offensive identity last season:
“No, I
don’t think we did find it. You could see each week we were sputtering
at times. I think for a month or two we didn’t score in the second half,
and I think everybody was trying to find answers to questions that were
being talked about, but we didn’t try to fix it in-house.

“I’ve never
been the one, I don’t point fingers. I don’t talk trash, but I think
that a lot of stuff that happened to us was self-inflicted. We got to
practice. We go to training camp, you work at these things it just
seemed like we were trying to get better, but we just couldn’t get any

On whether he feels the Patriots can win a Super Bowl this season:
think we can. We’ve been there. We sort of have the same guys, but I
think that over the course of a couple of years we’ve lost some key
veteran players. We lost Rodney. We lost Mike. We lost Tedy. We lost
Seymour. We lost [Asante]. We lost some key veterans that were key
components to the success of the New England Patriots before I even got
there. I think that it’s just time for the young guys to step up and
really make a name for themselves. Jerod Mayo is a young player. He is
the heart and soul of our defense, so hopefully a lot of guys will
follow him and step up.”


How much longer can you play?
“Until these wheels come off. I’m still
having fun. I think when you get around a good team and a great group
of guys that you fall in love with where you are. The guys that I’ve
grown to appreciate and love — Tom, Faulk, Wilfork — guys like that
that I enjoy coming to work every day and leaving work. I’m having fun
with what I’m doing, but like I’ve said this is a business. This is no
longer football. This is a business.”

Have you talked to Wes Welker?
“I talked to him a few times right before he
went in for [knee] surgery. I just didn’t really know what to say, so I just
said best of luck, if you need me call me. It was as simple as that.”

How devastating was Wes’s injury for you?
know I’ve said time and time again that me and Wes feed off each other.
He was the short and I was the deep, so of course he was missed. The
last game was like we tried to make up for it and Wes is the type of
guy that you can’t really replace what he brings to the table. So, it
is a big loss for us and there is no telling when he is going to come
back. Guys just got to step up.”

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