Break up the band?

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Chris Gasper was our man on the scene down in Palm Beach County for the great Randy Moss Spout-Off on Saturday night, and he chimes on the topic again today in latest offering:

You can call the Patriots the misers of the NFL, but they’re not going
to change the way they do business. That’s like asking an atheist to go
to Easter Sunday Mass, the belief system is too ingrained. The team
looks at its business model over the last decade and the success it has
spawned as proof positive of their philosophy of fiscal restraint.

it is frustrating to watch talented players leave for greener pastures
and witness every contract negotiation the team goes through become a
tedious tug of war until the player either capitulates or breaks free
of the rope, the Patriots aren’t a cut-rate operation, just a cutthroat

So how does this all work? How can the Patriots decide to keep, say, Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork, wave good bye to Randy Moss, and still hope to win?

You guys know my feelings on Moss, but New England is in awfully tough spot here, preparing for a possible departure by its star receiver. First, Wes Welker’s hurt and, while it’s not a good idea to bet against him, you’re not sure what you’re getting when he gets back. Second, there isn’t a bona fide replacement for him on the roster. Third, messing with the receiving corps while Brady’s in a contract year might not be the olive branch you’re looking to extend the quarterback.

Of course, if you can somehow cop a Vincent Jackson, then you’re OK. If it was only that easy …


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