Corner market taking shape

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Since Leigh Bodden’s gearing for free agency, and is one of the few high-level, under-30 names out there, this news is pretty relevant to the Patriots.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans will refrain from using the franchise tag on top corner Dunta Robinson. And that means Robinson and Bodden will hit the market together.

Could the Patriots be interested in Robinson? Sure. But chances are that both Robinson and Bodden — clearly the top UFAs at their position — will both get big paydays as a result of a scarcity of corners on the market, and it’s more likely the Patriots would want to keep the guy they have an institutional knowledge of.

So Robinson could set the market for Bodden, or vice versa, and that might dictate how likely it is the Patriots get Bodden back in red-and-blue.

OK, my flight (delayed) is about to board. See you guys in a while …


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