Kraft on Wilfork: ‘I think we’re close’

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A couple days ago, after the Patriots tagged Vince Wilfork, the team put out a quote — unattributed — that expressed optimism on the contract negotiations between the big nose tackle and the club.

Now, we’ve got a member of the organization going on the record with said optimism. And not just any member of the organization … The Boss.

“In business, you’ve got to prioritize,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft told a small group of us at the Indy Westin this afternoon. “We’ve got a budget. We want develop and create a team that puts us in the best position to win. Vince was a priority, and we’ve worked very hard, and I think both sides have worked hard, and I think we’re close, and I hope we close something.

“In the end, he was our priority – our first priority. We’ve got a number of other deals we’ve got to do, so we’re going about building our team, and I hope in this process we get to close this out. I know he’s a very important part of our team, and I think we’ve made an offer that hopefully can get it done.”

Basic translation: The Patriots felt like they had to tag Vince in order to address other matters properly before the start of the new league year on March 5, and they’re still hopeful that Wilfork will get locked up soon.

More from Kraft coming here …

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