Tebow on Belichick: “I respect him as a coach and as a person.”


INDIANAPOLIS — The dream continues for Florida quarterback Tim Tebow who attracted a large crowd here at Lucas Oil Stadium moments ago.

At 6 years old, Tebow said he first dreamed of becoming and NFL quarterback and he is not giving up, no matter what critics say.

“My dream is to be a quarterback and I”m going to try to pursue that as much as I can,” he said.

There were many questions about Tebow’s mechanics and his progress, but there was a question about his relationship with Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who is friends with Florida coach Urban Meyer.


“I respect him as a coach and as a person,” Tebow said. “I think he does a great job.”

As for Tebow’s throwing adjustments, he said his changes are more of a tweak than an overhaul. His primary focus is on holding the ball higher and “not getting the loop in my release,” he said.

“It’s not necessarily changing my whole motion, it’s where I’m holding the ball and kind of how I’m getting to where my motion where I’m throwing it,” he said.

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