Pats flipped off … In a way


No, Rex Ryan isn’t involved.

This is one, actually, that slipped under the radar around here: A coin-flip that took place on Friday morning in Indianapolis that affected, ever so slightly, the Patriots’ very strong position in the April draft.

The flip was actually between the Jaguars and Bears, with the winner getting the higher first-round pick (or in this case, Chicago flipping for Denver, which has their 1) and the order alternating by round from then on. Since the Patriots own Jacksonville’s second-rounder, the Patriots had to be rooting for the Jaguars to lose the toss, so that would push the 2 they acquired last April up a notch.


Anyway, Jacksonville won, putting their first-round slot at 10, and pushing their second-round spot down to 44th, which is where New England will pick. That said, in a very strong draft, the Patriots remain loaded. A look at their pre-weekend (first two rounds) picks, coming on April 22 and 23 …

First round (slotted): 22nd overall
Second round (from Jacksonville): 44th overall
Second round (from Tennessee): 48th overall
Second round (slotted): 53rd overall

Not a bad haul at all, and one that could provide ammo to move up, if they see guys worth doing it for.

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