League notes coming quick …


A few things came over Twitter over the last hour or so. Let’s hit him quick here.

* @NFLfootballinfo posted that the Pro Bowl will, as had been announced before, be moved back to Hawaii in 2011. What’s new here is that the league has decided to keep the game a week before the Super Bowl, on Jan. 30, with XLV on Feb. 6 in Arlington, Texas. I know the players weren’t fond of this arrangement, when we talked to them down in Miami, but I would say this is a nice benefit — With more players forced to bow out, more guys get to hit incentives and collect according bonuses.


* @GAtallah (That’s NFLPA official George Atallah) linked a story on NFLPlayers.com, emphasizing that the union is willing to accept a deal that keeps players’ salaries where they are, while referencing claims made on NFLLabor.com that the owners aren’t trying to get players to cut pay. In there was the piece of news I reported last week, which is the crux of all this — The players wanted, in the end, to go back to the 2006-09 environment for a year while the talks were ongoing, and the owners said no way.

* In what’s become a combine tradition, NFLN’s @richeisen ran the 40, and glided through the finish line in 6.21 seconds. Yes, Alabama’s … uh … big-boned NT Terrence Cody did better than that. But Eisen did it in a suit, which counts for something.

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