Kraft weighs in on labor strife


NFL owners held a pre-2010 League Year meeting in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday, and the battle lines already drawn haven’t changed much.

The owners claim they’re spending too much in player costs. The players are asking the owners to prove it, by opening their books to the union. The owners won’t, saying all their financials are, and have been, at the players’ fingertips for some time. And round and round we go.

USA Today’s Jarrett Bell has a recap of what happened in Florida — and a general overview of the league’s labor situation — right here. Patriots owner Robert Kraft is among the league’s leaders in this battle and, as such, was out front for this one in talking to Bell.

“We — everyone who works in the NFL — are privileged to be part of the greatest game in America,” Kraft told JB. “If you grow the top line the right way, there’s something for everybody. …

“We want to do a deal that’s good for both sides. As owners, we assume the risks,
debt and cost in growing the business. … None of my other businesses
spend 60 percent of the revenues on salaries.”

And who was there to respond to Kraft? Why, it’s none other than Adalius Thomas, one of the alternates (along with Tom Brady) to Patriots player rep Matt Light. Thomas told Bell, “We just want to play football. We weren’t the ones who opted out.”

Not sure if all this bores you guys, but it’ll have a big impact on how business is done over the next year in the NFL. The potential (probable?) lockout that’s been talked so much would begin 12 months from tomorrow, the first day of the 2011 League Year.


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