Pats have new alternates … The old ones


The Patriots kinda slipped the news out, bit by bit, on their Twitter feed …

And now I think there’s enough info up there to put it out there — The Patriots’ new alternate jersey will be the uniforms they wore during the 1985 season. (See Grogan on the right? Not sure if that was ’85 or not, but every pic I was sure of had a Bear blowing a Patriot up. And those are the same jerseys, so I went with it.)

Yup, helmets and everything.

The Patriots wore silver throwbacks through the 2008 season, after which they scrapped those, which looked a little like dirty versions of their road whites. Last year, of course, they wore the 1960s throwbacks as part of the AFL anniversary celebration. And now we’re back to the 1985s.

And now I’m back to getting on free agency.


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