Banta-Cain’s gamble brings reward


A lot of people have taken notice at how Leigh Bodden’s one-year prove-it year with the Patriots is now paying dividends. Fewer have noticed how Tully Banta-Cain has capitalized in a similar fashion.

The Patriots announced Banta-Cain’s signing today, and the numbers are pretty impressive — especially when put up against the deal he got in San Francisco (four years, $12.2 million) in 2006.

This one blows that one away. After a 10-sack season, Banta-Cain got a three-year deal with the team that, at a minimum, will have an annual average value of $4.5 million. If the veteran hits all his incentives and escalators, he could take home close to $19 million.

In fact, the signing bonus alone — worth $6 million — is worth almost half what his entire deal in San Francisco was.

So good for Banta-Cain. The team still has a need for pass-rushers (that’s plural), but at least now they have one proven in their system locked in to the roster.


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