Another side of Bill Belichick


Since about 99.9 percent of the public knows just about nothing about the coaches and players they watch outside of what they see on the field, it’s always interesting when you get a different viewpoint on those who you root for or against.

And in this morning’s Boston Globe, Stan Grossfeld gave you guys that kind of viewpoint on Bill Belichick, showing the man as a father, rather than as Patriots coach.

Think he’s cool, calm and collected on the Foxborough sideline? Well, it’s a little different when he’s watching his kids play or coach, and that’s what he explained about watching his daughter Amanda (in the black skullcap there, talking to midfielder Dayna Defliese) help lead the UMass women’s lacrosse team.

“You don’t have any control over it,” Belichick told Grossfeld. “At least when you’re involved in your own gave, you have a little more control over it.”

And that’s all I’m gonna give you guys here. Scroll back up, click on the link, and check it out. It’ll be worth your time.


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