Green to visit Denver


Patriots DE Jarvis Green is set to start his free-agent tour, according to agent Albert Elias, and is en route now to visit the Denver Broncos.

Green’s strategy all along was to wait out the first wave of free agency, and now that the market has settled, he’s ready to go.

Green will arrive in Colorado tonight, and has his meetings with the Broncos and coach Josh McDaniels, the ex-Patriots offensive coordinator, set up for tomorrow.

The Broncos have already signed one 3-4 defensive end in Justin Bannan, but the ex-Raven has a fairly different skill set than the versatile Green. Denver also hosted another ex-Raven end, Dwan Edwards, on Sunday, but Edwards left Colorado without a deal.

Green’s reps and Denver have spoken on parameters for a potential deal and while nothing is in place, both sides felt comfortable enough to make the trip happen.


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